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March 9, 2023
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Take your studies to the next level with Brainly!

Now that we study more and more remotely, what is certain is that we often miss the help of colleagues or teachers to whom we can ask any question about what we are studying, especially when it comes to complex or difficult subjects to cover.

Remote study allows us to enjoy a wide variety of advantages such as the fact that we can better manage our time and save on transportation, but it also has a disadvantage that limits us when it comes to seeking help from other people who perhaps know better than us how solving an exercise or doing a task. That’s why we now have an app like Brainly!

What is Brainly App?

Brainly online is a companion app to study practically any subject you have to face, although it is especially popular among students in elementary school, high school and some exams and courses CENEVAL, EXANI, EXANI II and UNAM.

This way you’ll be able to use Brainly to make any queries you may have regarding your schedule and different exams, and other colleagues or professors will be able to answer your questions and try to help you pass your studies and have a better future. It’s a really cool app! You can think of it as a kind of interactive Wikipedia geared specifically towards your studies.

You can also help on Brainly!

As well as being able to send your queries, with Brainly you’ll also be able to answer the queries of others and help them succeed in the subjects that you already mastered and that you learned a few years ago, or in those that you currently teach, if you’re a teacher.

The main advantage of Brainly is that it works as a kind of social network for studies, putting different people interested in the same subjects in common, either because they are studying them or teaching them.

Updated Brainly features

  • Ask whatever you need about your subjects. With this app you’ll be able to ask questions about the subjects you’re studying, so you can solve all kinds of doubts about it. If you have questions about your subjects and don’t know who to consult them, you can access Brainly and contact teachers of the subject or students who are also studying or who have already taken the course. This way you can get answers quickly and remotely!
  • Responds to other students. This app also allows you to respond to others who have questions about subjects you’ve studied or mastered. If you are a student or a teacher, and you have answers that can help someone who is in doubt, you will be able to do so through this app and contribute to strengthening this community.
  • Large community of students and faculty. The key to Brainly lies in the fact that it functions as a social network for students and teachers of all kinds, specializing in a wide variety of subjects. With this community, instead of exchanging selfies and photos of your food like you would on Instagram, you can exchange useful tips and information about the subjects and exams you are taking or are a professor of.
  • Wide range of materials included. Brainly is an application that doesn’t select which subjects and educational centers are included in its catalogue, but that is something proposed by the same community. In this way, you will be able to access consultations on a wide variety of subjects in primary, secondary and higher education, including numerous careers from countless universities, as well as specialization or technical courses in a large number of countries.

Brainly apk free download for android

Download Brainly now to enjoy one of the best study aid apps in 2023, and prepare your middle school and high school exams with ease!