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March 6, 2023
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The heir to Need for Speed is already here, and it’s not from EA!

If you’ve ever played the popular Need for Speed game, then surely you’ll love this game, because it’s the best city racing game developed so far. There are many versions of urban racing games that have tried to emulate the success of Need for Speed, but it is not an easy thing to do, because in terms of graphics, Need 4 Speed has remained practically unsurpassed for many years. But Electronic Arts has already made some mistakes with the development of the saga, and other developers have taken the opportunity to position themselves with advantages.

One of the main features that everyone hates in Need for Speed is the micro transactions, which have become a regular thing in Electronic Arts games, where it is no longer enough to spend 60 dollars on a game, but in addition to spending hundreds of dollars more to manage to unlock other levels or different vehicles. So it’s no surprise that so many people are turning their backs on Electronic Arts and looking for alternatives to their games.

What is Carx Street? – CarX Street Mobile APK free download

This is quite possibly the best city racing game you’ve ever seen, and the most surprising thing is that it wasn’t developed by a big studio, but by an independent studio that is doing everything to create one of the best racing games of all time. times.

Surely you’ve played the different editions of Need for Speed at some point. It’s about spectacular sports racing games with incredible designs in cities with paradisiacal landscapes and totally avant-garde. This successful formula has already been imitated by many other video games, but only Carx Street seems capable of overthrowing Need for Speed’s reign.

State-of-the-art graphics and incredible urban circuits

This game was published in 2023 so it has state-of-the-art graphics that you won’t find in any other game of the same genre. All you need to be able to enjoy one of the best urban racing games in history is a smartphone with good settings and luckily now you can download the Early Access version of this amazing racing game.

The circuits that you can find in this game are still under development, but some are already complete and it’s simply spectacular. It’s based on the Need for Speed underground aesthetic, which many gamers feel is the best Need for Speed ever, so get ready for some amazing racing!

Features – CarX Street APK latest version

  • Urban racing game. This game lets you carry out all kinds of urban races with which you can demonstrate your skill behind the wheel with some of the best sports cars of the time.
  • Stunning graphics. This game’s graphics are among the best in the genre, and the designs of the sports cars can be customized so that they look even better and you can enjoy your races.
  • No microtransactions. This video game has no microtransactions, unlike Electronic Arts games, which are often filled with in-app purchases and micropayments that make the game completely unplayable.
  • In continuous development. This game is still in development and is scheduled to be released in September 2023. But you can start playing now to enjoy the circuits and cars.

CarX Street APK free download latest version for Android

Discover one of the best urban racing games of the moment with this Need 4 Speed heir, with better graphics, better circuits, and no microtransactions.