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March 18, 2023
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College Brawl Apk is an adult game with many inappropriate tasks to follow. This game will be the most fun platformer if you’re old enough to handle those graphics. This game has multiple missions where you can enjoy multiple tasks to gain more power and strength to fight enemies. You can create a multi-player team to handle these situations because you’re at university and most people have their groups.


The Red Kat Girls are wrong and will beat you to your last breath. Only interact with them if you have enough skills to impress the girls in the group with your strength or stamina. You can also communicate with them to start the conversation and make them fall in love with you.

What is College Brawl Apk?

College Brawl Apk is a game where you have to save yourself from groups within the university. These groups are called the Red Kat Girls, and these girls are very aggressive. If they see you walking alone on campus they will come up to you and start beating you unless you are dead. To save yourself from attacks, you must work on your profile. Change your character’s appearance and gain some physique; with your muscles, you can impress girls with just one look.


This game is all about keeping girls happy with your conversational skills and then getting them into bed to satisfy their cravings. You can have as many girls as you like; it’s the only way to earn more power and coins in the game. Once you’re ready to handle any situation in the game, you can start your boy group and enjoy new missions.

Highlights of College Brawl Apk

Comic-style graphics

The graphics in this game are in comic style and you might find it a bit cartoonish. But it all looks perfect when lined up with realistic background voices, character moments, and surrounding image rendering.

Interact with girls

You can start making friends on campus by starting to make friends with the girls. You will find many hot models on campus looking for someone to help them. So take it a step further and start the conversation to make them your friend, and you can hook up with the girls later on too.


Smooth controls

Control buttons are smooth and easy to understand; you only need a few keystrokes while playing the game. Once you’re in bed and doing the work of satisfying the urges, you may have to muster all your strength. The buttons are also adjustable and you can customize the control.

Gain/Restore Health Points

To gain more health points, you need to perform well in bed. If you stay awake for several minutes, your health storage will be full. Your health points will decrease after a fight unless you knock your opponent to the ground and win the battle.


No registration required

The game does not ask you to share your data or information to log in. You can play as a guest and enjoy all quests without sharing your knowledge. There are no premium plans or VIP pass in the game and all players have equal options.

Final words

College Brawl Apk is a fun game for adults where you can be in a university full of hot girls. Make new friends, communicate with them about your love life and try to get in physical contact with as many bodies as possible to score more points. If you find anything unusual in this game and would like to report the details to us, feel free to use the comment box.