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March 8, 2023
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Android 5.0+
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If you like Gachas, don’t miss this app!

One of the best leisure activities that has emerged in Japan in recent years is the ability to collect gacha at subway stations and shopping malls. Gachas are really charismatic characters that are sold in vending machines in different parts of Japan. Anyone can buy and collect them at home, and even buy accessories to customize them. And they look great on any shelf.

It was only a matter of time before gachas made their way to the digital world, and appeared in video games and apps for fans. As gacha machines are normally not available outside of Japan and Korea, the apps make more and more people discover the fascinating world of gadgets and start collecting them, even if it’s digitally.

What is Gacha Neon? – Gacha Neon APK Free Download for Android

This app is a new app for collecting and creating custom gachas, it is a more complete version of the popular Gacha Life APK. If you liked this gacha creation app, now you can have fun with this new app that includes many more accessories and clothes to design your own gachas.

What this app essentially does is give you the opportunity to create your own gachas using different elements. You can choose the physical appearance you want them to have, their hairstyle, clothes and accessories like bags or pets. Then you can introduce these gadgets in different scenarios to create small stories and share them with your friends. You will really enjoy creating your different gachas and watching them come to life in this gacha design app for Android!

New backgrounds and accessories – Gacha Neon Original APK

If you’ve already played Gacha Life Free APK, you’ll immediately recognize the features of that application. The engine of this new application is the same, and it consists of a series of tools with which you can design your gachas choosing all kinds of accessories with which you can customize down to the last detail.

You can also choose different scenarios where you can place them to create short stories with them, and then share them on your social networks or with other friends who use the application. As it is a newer version of the app, this app includes many new backdrops, and an extensive selection of accessories that you can make your gachas look like never before.

Features – Gacha Neon APK latest version

  • The continuation of Gacha Life. If you’ve already played Gacha Life, you can now enjoy a more recent version of the app with Gacha Neon, an app that includes the same general features as Gacha Life, but with a much more extensive and recent selection of clothes and accessories to choose from.
  • New accessories. Among the accessories that you can find in this app is an extensive selection of clothes, hats, bags, shoes, bracelets, makeup and even swords. That way you’ll get your gachas to be better than ever!
  • New pets. The creation of pets is among the most interesting possibilities of this application, you will be able to complement your gachas with cats, dogs and all kinds of adorable animals that will make your gacha even more charming.
  • New scenarios. Place your favorite gacha in different scenarios to create small stories with them. In this way you can ensure that your gachas have many places where they can develop their imaginary adventures. You can also share them on your favorite social networks!

Gacha Neon APK free download latest version for Android

Now you can use lots of new props and backgrounds to create your favorite gachas with Gacha Neon, the new app for creating and collecting gachas with your phone!