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March 8, 2023
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Become a kinda special orchestra director

Incredibox is an app available for Android, iOS, Windows, and the web version that lets you command a group of beatboxers.

The app was created by French beatbox ‘The Incredible Polo’ in collaboration with other artists from the music scene. Their goal was to share their musical skills with users, so they were able to compose their own music.

And they certainly did. With the app, you feel like you’re creating or mixing in a live recording studio. Or like an orchestra director. And best of all, the results you get are really spectacular.

How does Incredibox work?

Its operation couldn’t be simpler. Is that, although the application is in English, its use is really intuitive.

There’s a group of animated characters that beatbox and that you can activate or deactivate so that they produce music. In this way you create a composition that you can record in mp3. But the song you are going to record cannot be longer than three minutes.

Also, you can share your compositions with other users. And even if any of them get enough votes, their composition might make the Top 50 list. Too good, right?

Of course, it won’t be an easy task. Since its creation in 2009, the app has recorded more than fifty million songs. Numbers that give us a very good idea of the great success it achieved and its enormous popularity.

Do you decide how you want your compositions to be?

The first selection you have to make is between seven different games or music versions. Regardless of the choice, the operation is similar. You have several characters on which you have to drag the effect you want to apply up to a maximum of seven at the same time.

The available effects are divided into several different categories such as: effects (effects), beats (rhythms), Melodies (melodies), Chorus (choruses) and Voices (voices). All generated by the creator of the application, The Incredible Polo.

So that you can identify them, each of the sounds has its own icon and color. Easier impossible!

Of course, it is possible to mute the characters completely independently. Although, if you prefer, you can do it together or in a group of them. You choose!

An excellent educational tool

Undoubtedly, an interesting application of Incredibox is as an educational tool. It’s ideal for a music lesson at a school or institute, because it’s extremely simple and fun.

Students can enjoy creating their own compositions in an accessible and enjoyable way, which allows them to develop their imagination and creativity. With Incredibox, rhythms, voice and the creation of musical patterns can be trained, among other aspects of music creation.

An interesting activity is creating interactive games. So students can compose songs individually or in groups, and then share them with their peers.

You can also add your own rap lyrics or even a music video. There are so many possibilities that allow you to develop your imagination or that of your students.

Incredibox is not a free app

Incredibox has a value of 4.99 euros in a single payment. Value that honestly, if you like music, it’s worth paying.

It currently does not have a demo version or offer a free trial period. However, it is possible to test it through its web version.

Incredibox Q&A

If after reading our full review of the app you still have questions, don’t worry, you’ll get them all answered in this Q&A section.

What is beatboxing?

Beatboxing consists of making music with your mouth using different sounds. People who do this are called beatboxers. The app’s creator is a famous French beatboxer.

Can the different versions be mixed?

As we already discussed, Incredibox currently has seven different games or versions. Unfortunately, they cannot mix with each other. One must choose one at the beginning and with it create the desired composition.

Is there an automatic mode?

Yes, it is possible to activate an automatic mode. In this way, the application starts to combine the effects to your liking while showing a curious cinematic. And we guarantee that the results are amazing.

Are musical studies required to use the application?

Absolutely anyone can use the application and create fun compositions. It is not necessary to have any musical knowledge, but if you do, you can create more elaborate songs and enjoy the application more.

Is it a suitable application for children?

Yes, not only is it suitable, it is fully recommended. It’s a simple and very fun way for them to start playing music.

Also, most people love the original characters that are available and the cartoon look.

Is the web version as complete as the mobile app?

Unfortunately, the web version comes with fewer options than the mobile app. In any case, it’s a good option for you to test and experience some of Incredibox’s potential.

Download Incredibox APK free for your Android phone

Download Incredibox APK completely free of charge now to make the most of this incredible app and create your own compositions with a beatbox orchestra.

Don’t hesitate and download Incredibox APK!