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March 13, 2023
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Bored of the old WhatsApp of always?

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg has not stopped working to integrate both platforms simply to appropriate all the information from your WhatsApp chats, but he has not implemented real improvements in the most used chat app in the world.

Classic WhatsApp is still boring, very limited, and we are all fed up with its drab green theme. We need change, and we need it now. We need NSWhatsApp 3D.

What is NSWhatsApp 3D?

NSWhatsApp 3D is the definitive app to completely renew your WhatsApp chats. It is an application that will replace your old WhatsApp and will make you never want to see it again. Because? Because it incorporates new themes, new fonts, new emojis, new functions and new features to protect your privacy, since Facebook is not going to take care of it for you. You do not believe it? Here are some of its amazing features. They will leave you with your mouth open!

Change the theme of your WhatsApp

First of all, say goodbye to the boring green WhatsApp theme. Why do the millions of users who use this app have to use its same drab look? Apps, like clothes, must be able to express what we are with our colors and our ways of being.

For that, NSWhatsApp 3D has an infinity of new themes so that you can renew your app whenever you want, and, in addition, they don’t stop uploading new themes!

No limits to the videos of your stories

Videos in WhatsApp stories are limited to only 30 seconds, but those 30 seconds are often insufficient for what you want to express. What if you want to sing a song? What if you want to record some dance steps? NSWhatsApp has heard your prayers and offers you the possibility of recording much longer videos to upload them to your statuses and your stories and leave everyone impressed.

New fonts for your chats

WhatsApp has denied us the ability to use different fonts for over a decade, but NSWhatsApp has rescued them for you. As was the case with the old Microsoft MSN Messenger, now you can use different fonts to express your personality or your mood in your chats. Make your friends clear who you are and instantly recognize you as soon as you start typing a few words in their chats!

Autoresponder function

Tired of being texted while you’re working or trying to watch a series? Don’t worry. NSWhatsApp has an autoresponder feature that WhatsApp does not have except WhatsApp Business.

This way you can set default reply messages for those people who text you when you really can’t answer, so they won’t get angry if you’re late in getting in touch, and they won’t bother you in your free time!

Privacy improvements

Oh the privacy! The big problem with Facebook and the old WhatsApp. Aren’t you sick of everyone knowing if you’re online or not, if you’ve read their messages or not, or even if you’re writing at the moment? This has ended with the new features of NSWhatsApp, which will completely hide all this information if you prefer. The double blue tick? Forget it, you will be able to delete it even in groups. The double gray tick? It is also history. The ‘This user is typing…’ message? Removed. Your ‘Online’ status? nope Simply answer when you feel like it without anyone controlling you. This is indeed freedom!

New emoji!

Finally, a chat app is nothing if it doesn’t have some good emojis to decorate your messages in the best possible way. NSWhatsApp 3D has the best emojis for you to dazzle in your chats and stand out from the classic emojis of the old WhatsApp, which are endearing, but which we already have more than seen.

You have to renew or die, as they say, so you better dust off your old emojis and allow new blood to enter your new favorite chat app.

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