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March 14, 2023
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Android 4.3+
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A racing game with real cars and tracks!

If you like racing games like Need for Speed or Asphalt, you will surely love the game that we bring you today, since it is one of the most interesting games to enjoy realistic and spectacular racing for Android. Lovers of racing games of this type know how important it is to have games that reproduce the best cars absolutely accurately and that allow you to race them on tracks that truly captivate your imagination.

This is the case of Real Racing 3, a game with which you will be able to enjoy the best driving experience with more than 250 vehicles reproduced in great detail, including such important brands as Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, Porsche or Audi. The premise of this game is to offer you the greatest possible realism not only with the design of the cars and the circuits but also with the overall driving experience.

What is Real Racing 3? – Real Racing 3 APK Android

This game is an android racing game that features more than 250 different cars and more than 19 tracks like Silverstone, Le Mans, Yas Marina, Hockenheim and many others.
Some of these circuits are truly mythical and any self-respecting driver would like to be able to win on them, so you will surely value the possibility of racing in these legendary settings with the latest generation cars capable of captivating the best of fans.

Now also includes Formula 1! – Real Racing 3 APK Download

To all this we must add that this game also now includes Formula 1 cars with their official licenses, so that you will be able to enjoy great vehicles like McLaren or Red Bull reproduced in detail with each of their sponsors and with the exact colors they have in real life. Every aerodynamic detail has been taken into account, so you’ll really be able to enjoy a unique gaming experience with Real Racing 3.
And if you think that the game is already spectacular with everything we have told you, you should also add the possibility of playing in its complete online multiplayer mode, a system controlled by artificial intelligence that allows you to compete with up to 8 players in a multiplatform environment. and virtually lag free.

Features of Real Racing 3 – Real Racing 3 latest version APK

  • More than 250 cars. Now you can choose between more than 250 cars to enjoy your races with this game, all of them designed with extraordinary precision and with an impressive graphic quality if we take into account that it is a game designed for Android. Choose between the cars of the best brands like Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet and many others and get ready to win your races at full speed.
  • Formula 1 included. Among the cars that you have at your disposal in this game are the best Formula 1 cars, with which you will also be able to compete on real circuits on the official competition calendar. These cars have all the licenses of Formula 1 and their respective teams so that you can enjoy your races in the elite of motorsport to the fullest.
  • Cross platform multiplayer mode. When you have learned to completely master driving in this game you will surely want to test yourself against other players from all over the world. Thanks to the complete cross-platform multiplayer mode of this game, you will be able to do it easily without suffering from any kind of lag and no matter what device your opponents are using.

Real Racing 3 APK free download latest version for Android

Step on the accelerator to the fullest and show who is better at the wheel with Real Racing 3, a spectacular racing game with real cars on real circuits, now also with Formula 1 licenses!