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March 9, 2023
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WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application

WhatsApp is for sure the most popular instant messaging app. Currently, it has more than 2,000 million users worldwide.

A big part of its success is because it is a simple application, with no big gimmicks and therefore very easy to use. This is one of the reasons why even grandmothers use the app. Everyone has WhatsApp downloaded on their phone. This makes it the easiest and most cost-effective way to communicate with friends and family.

WhatsApp is a free application. You just need to be connected to the Internet to be able to send messages, audios, make calls, video calls and much more.

However, for many WhatsApp users this is not enough. They miss having more personalized options and greater privacy control. Developers know this, but it’s not easy to change things that already work for many.

Although they prepare and announce news, the truth is that they cannot fully satisfy the most critics.

In this context, there are many WhatsApp modifications that have appeared over the last few years. Some with more success than others, but all focused on offering more customization options, especially at an aesthetic level and a greater mastery of privacy.

GB WhatsApp, one of the most popular WhatsApp

Out of all the WhatsApp apps out there, one of the most popular is GB WhatsApp. The reasons are really varied. On the one hand, it could be because it was one of the first apps to stand out. On the other hand, it is also certain that it is one of the unofficial versions that offers better performance.

Also, with GB WhatsApp, you don’t have to choose between the mod and the official version, you can have both on your phone.

With GBWhatsapp, everything is advantages

GB WhatsApp adapts to phones that support dual SIM cards and makes it possible to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. That way you can use one of them for your personal life and the other for your work number, without having to have two phones. The advantages are evident.

In addition, it allows you to send image files, videos or any file that is larger than that allowed by the official version of WhatsApp. In the case of videos, the limit is up to 1GB and for other files it is up to 50MB.

Not only that, you can also send more images in the same upload (up to 90), and share files in a wider variety of formats.

On an aesthetic level, you have the possibility to customize the application’s interface the way you want. First of all, it lets you change the font type of the messages, of course, you also have the possibility of downloading custom themes to completely change the look. Your messaging app will look brand new as much as you want it to.

It also offers interesting advantages in terms of privacy. GB WhatsApp gives you the possibility to hide the “online” status without letting you see the “online” status of others.

In addition, it also gives you the possibility to hide the time of the last connection, or if you prefer, you can change the time to a different one. In the same way, with GB WhatsApp it is possible to hide the second tick of the received message, the blue tick of the read message and the “online”, “recording audio” and “writing” messages. No more fights and recriminations for not responding to messages on the spot.

Of course, if you care about protecting your privacy, it’s worth downloading GB WhatsApp on your device. Of course, if you do that, you’ll be much more relaxed.

GB WhatsApp, is it a safe and reliable application?

You can download and install GB WhatsApp on your phone with complete peace of mind. It is completely safe and virus free application. Of course, it’s important that you make sure you download it from a reliable source, like our website.

As you can imagine, because it is an unofficial modification, it is not possible to download it from the official Google store, Play Store.

Furthermore, you have to remember that WhatsApp does not allow the use of unofficial versions of the application. Improper use may represent account banning.

In recent years, WhatsApp has not carried out any mass account bans and many users are using unofficial versions. In fact, there are more and more.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK, the best way to enjoy your messaging app

If you want to make the most of your instant messaging application, all you have to do is download the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK for free.

Downloading and installing GB WhatsApp APK for Android is very easy.